PESHAWAR – The elders of Mutahidda Council Ayyun (MCA), district Chitral, demanded of the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Minister for Forests to take notice of the ruthless cutting of forests and ultimately save the nature.

Addressing a news conference on Saturday here at press club, members of the Ayyun Council Fazlur Rahman, Nazir, Shafiq and Rafi Ahmad said that Chitral is the largest district of the province and consisting a large population. They added that due to the lack of natural gas for domestic use in the far-flung hilly district dwellers are cutting forest, of expensive wood, for fire purposes, while on the other hand timber Mafia have also bent to demonstrate the district for their personal gains due to which the natural beauty and forestry an integral part of healthy life, has put in danger.

They also informed that they contacted DPO, concerned DSP and elected representatives to take notice of the issue and stop excessive cutting of the forests, but to no avail.

They alleged that the Mafia has the support of police high-ups and elected representatives in openly doing illegal activity and destroying the beauty of nature in Rambora, Bareer, Bamboriat, and Achorgah areas of Chitral.

They also demanded of the government to immediately take back the fake cases against their members and stop deforestation in the district, otherwise threatened to launch a protest move against the government and all the responsibility will be on government if any untoward incident happened.