LAHORE– Apparently, the most incompetent and non-serious police officers are holding key positions in the Investigations Wing of the City police since the performance of the investigators plummets with sharp increase in the incidents of high-value armed robberies, multiple killings and abductions.

Police sources revealed that a number of organised gangs were brazenly operating in the largest City of the biggest province with impunity, thanks to the Punjab government for appointing ‘hand-picked’ officers on the top slots.

From bank robberies to armed dacoities at jewellery shops and blind murders to multiple killings, hundreds of cases are yet to be traced despite the lapse of several months.

Believe it or not, at least 102 cases of dacoities, 665 cases of robbery, 482 cases of burglary, 59 of theft, 1,126 of motor vehicle theft and 277 of motor vehicle snatching have been declared as untraceable by the Punjab police investigators. It indicates that the investigations into these cases have been shelved, once for all, and the cases would be traced only if a miracle would happen.

On May 14, gunmen shot dead two policemen and wounded as many wounded in a brazen gun attack at the Babu Sabu Interchange police picket. The police investigators are still groping in the dark with no clue and breakthrough in this “deliberate and planned” attack. What to say about resolving blind murder mysteries when the police investigators are unable to trace the killers of their colleagues.

Early this month, robbers struck two jewellery shops within 48 hours, shot at and wounded jewellers, and snatched away gold ornaments worth Rs. 70 million from different parts of the City.

Dacoits equipped with sophisticated weapons forced their entry into the jewellery shop of one Shoib Ahmad situated in Soha Bazaar in the precincts of Lohari Gate police on Friday. The robbers held up the shop owner at gunpoint and snatched away gold items worth Rs 10 million in broad daylight. On Wednesday, robbers snatched away 3-kg gold worth Rs 20 million from a jewellery shop in the Tibbi City police limits.

The police, instead of busting the gangsters’ network, blamed shop owners for the daylight robberies stating that the jeweller had not installed CCTV cameras at their.

The visibly poor performance of the Investigations Wing of the City police has put a question mark on the eligibility and competence of the police officers.

Since April 2012, robbers have hit 13 banks in different parts of the provincial metropolis and snatched million of rupees. The CIA and investigation wing of the police are still unable to unearth the gangs involved in the bank dacoities despite the lapse of one year.

Sources in the police circles believe that the performance of the investigations wing had been declining since DIG Ali Amir Malik and SSP Abdul Razzaq took over as the heads of the police wing, supposed to be responsible for fighting against organised crimes, particularly armed robberies, kidnappings for ransom and blind murders.

During informal chat, they said that typical working of the CIA and Investigations wings of the police was the main reason behind the adversely decline.

Sources in the investigation wing said that at least 40 incidents of armed robberies are taking place across the City every day but the police report only 15 to 20 cases on daily basis in order to conceal the facts to show better police performance.

Reportedly, the ratio of heinous crime incidents, including robbery, shot up by 33 percent during the first two months of the current year as compared to that of last year in Punjab province. Lahore City had topped all other districts of the province as the killing of innocent people during dacoity bids became a routine matter.

Police record revealed that the motor vehicle snatching incidents swelled to 33 percent as at least 529 such cases had been reported during the first two months of 2011, whereas this figure shot up to 706 in the corresponding period in 2012.

Sources further said that the Inspector General of Police Punjab Muhammad Habib-ur-Rehman expressed his dissatisfaction over the poor performance of the Investigations Wing during an official meeting and warned the officers to smash the organised gangs, committing brazen armed robberies across the City.