The attack on a passenger bus on its way to Kohat from Karachi that left 10 people dead and injured 25 others should wake up everyone responsible for maintaining the country’s security. Such grisly incidents have become quite common, which indicates that the police and other law enforcement agencies need a drastic overhaul. The bus was stopped near the area of Nawabshah, where gangsters with automatic weapons sprayed it with bullets at point blank range. The assassins dropped a leaflet mentioning a terrorist organisation based in Sindh.

This modus operandi of the killers bears close resemblance to previous attacks on passenger coaches occurring in Gilgat and Balochistan. Whoever is involved, it is clear that they intend to create lawlessness as a means to spreading general anarchy in the country. Like always, an inquiry has been initiated by the Federal Interior Minister, Mr Rehman Malik, which is the traditional practice that speaks volumes about the way his government approaches such serious incidents. The killers, as in previous cases, will remain at large. With already so much violence going on, these attacks add to the citizens’ fear and shake their confidence in the state. We have seen the authorities failing to curb lawlessness in Balochistan, where things are on the edge. If it is a foreign hand, as the intelligence agencies maintain, it has to be proven and stopped immediately.