Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said there will be no martial law in the country as it can not afford it and our future is linked with democracy.

In an interview with a private TV channel‚ he said no one could dare to impose emergency in the country.

He said the government is confronting with various challenges which adversely affected the economy but despite that the government is trying to give incentive to the people in the upcoming budget. These include no new taxes‚ creation of one hundred thousands jobs‚ expansion of Benazir Income Support Programme in urban and rural areas and priority number one in power sector.

To a question‚ the Prime Minister said President has the immunity and it has been given by the parliament. He said if he did not write the letter that means he is protecting the constitution.

To a question the Prime Minister said Pakistan is passing through evolution and all the institutions are also passing through the same process and with the passage of time every thing would be all right.

On a question about filing of appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court in contempt case‚ Prime Minister Gilani said he had consulted the legal experts and party leaders on this issue and consensus has been developed against the filing of the appeal.

The Prime Minister said Nawaz Sharif was fined for over speeding on motorway and he remained convicted Prime Minister or leader of the party and remained convicted for nine years and he was sentenced for moral turpitude in hijacking case.

The Prime Minister said there is no charge of moral corruption against him and the only charge against him is disobedience of the court for not writing a letter to the Swiss Court as the President has complete immunity.

About loadshedding‚ he said that his government had added three thousand six hundred megawatt the national grid and many more short and long term power projects are in pipeline to end unscheduled load shedding.