RAJANPUR - The Patrolling Police Posts, established to ensure law and order and check crime in the district fell into ruin as electricity transformers, marble, bricks and other available material have vanished from these posts.

As per detail, as many as 15 such posts were established in the district whereas now only five are operational. The four posts namely Bait Arain, Latif Shahee, Mazhar Shahee and Thul Mahtam were fully furnished and ready for operation.

Moreover, about 250 trained jawans are available but they are compelled to roam aimlessly due to the non-functioning of these posts. The energies of these jawans are being wasted through their unnecessary deployments in Layyah, Muzafargarh, DG Khan and even now in Bahawalpur range.

Similarly, the electricity transformer of the Bait Arain Post has been stolen while Latif Shaheed Post has been converted into a hotel by the workers of the Irrigation Department who consumed electricity worth Rs150,000 on monthly basis at the cost of pubic exchequer.

Interestingly, the doors, windows and other furniture have also fallen prey to the “thieves” who have turned these posts into “ghost houses.” The local circles have expressed great concern over the negligence and ineptitude of the authorities concerned.

They have demanded the Punjab government to take notice of the situation and take immediate steps to make these posts functional.