KHANEWAL - District police officer (DPO) Dr Muhammad Waqar Abbasi disclosed that the distinct police had busted 147 criminal gangs including inter-district gangs and arrested 483 members of these gangs over the past one and half year. He said that the police recovered booty worth amounting to Rs430 million including Rs160 million cash.

He made the claim while talking to the mediamen here the other day. The DPO pointed out that it was the bounden duty of the police to provide protection to people of the district without any discrimination. He claimed that he always monitored the actions against criminal gangs personally and observed the registration of FIRs and recovery of looted from these culprits. Dr Abbasi stated that the district police had recovered huge quantity of arms from the possession of 147 gangs including, 5 Kalashnikov, 106 rifles, guns 327, 71 revolvers, pistol 929, carbeen 61, 13 knives and 5385 bullets. The police recovered huge quantity of drugs from the criminals including 71,914-kg of marijuana, 9,685-kg of heroin, 7,309-kg of opium,11286 litres of liquor, 38,500-kg bhang and 95,580-kg of opium. DPO Abbasi also pointed out that during the corresponding period, the police had registered a total of 212 cases against gamblers and arrested 971 accused besides seizing Rs1.6 million from them.

The Khanewal Police also arrested 1,544 courts absconders including 4 dangerous criminal with head money. The DPO also revealed that the police had recovered a large number of snatched vehicles including 22 cars, 133 motorcycles, and 7 tractors and trucks.