Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has declared that his party will file petition against the ruling of Speaker National Assembly on Monday. Addressing a big public rally, he said that we believe in the supremacy of the constitution and Monday’s Tsunami will sweep away Zardari and Gilani. He assured Supreme Court that PTI is with the Apex Court. Imran Khan said that Gilani who is trying to save the corruption of Zardari has been disqualified by the Supreme Court. He said Asif Ali Zardari is the chronic disease of the country. He said corruption and incompetent rulers are the cause of price hike. He said the masses are paying the burglary in the Steel Mills, PSO, Railway and power theft in the shape of Taxes. He said another cause of the price hike is non-payment of taxes by the wealthy people. He said Nawaz Sharif who is the owner of Sugar and Steel Mills is the biggest tax evader and he only paid Rs. 5000/- tax of the whole industry empire. Imran Khan assured the people that he will end price hike, bring investment in the country and receive taxes from the big fishes. He said corruption and commission of the rulers is the biggest hurdle in the way of foreign investment. He said soon after assuming power, he will correct the bad governance which will attract investment and eliminate corruption. He said only in one day, the overseas who is the asset of Pakistan donated six crore to the Numel University and one and a half crore to the PTI. PTI Chairman said that Pakistan is the richest country and it has half of population based on young generation. He said he will enforce education emergency in the country, because education is top most priority of the PTI. Javed Hashmi in his address called on the people to vote in favour of Imran Khan in the next election to get rid of the corrupt leaders. He said PTI is confronting with Zardari and Gilani to safe the country from collapse. He said Nawaz Sahrif did not listen him and made alliance with Zardari. He said the rally shows that the people are with Imran Khan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi said people want change to save the country. He said the rulers have made the lives of the people miserable. He said Zardari visited Chicago to save his Presidency.