RAWALPINDI  – Residents of Commercial Market have warned that they would stage sit-in outside IESCO Rawalpindi circle, Satellite Town office, if the electricity of Bismillah Plaza would not be resumed.

The electricity of Bismillah Plaza has been suspended for the last five days due to the burning of a transformer but the IESCO has not taken any measure to restore the electricity of the plaza. According to information, 50 KV transformers was burnt on Tuesday night, the owner of plaza purchased the transformer few years ago. The transformer supplied electricity to the Plaza only as it was an independent transformer.

The IESCO authorities are demanding 280,000 rupees for the replacement of the burnt transformer from the owners of the plaza as the then owner had sold out the plaza to different people while the plaza housed as may as 12 flats and six shops.

Meanwhile, acting SDO of IESCO Rawalpindi circle, satellite town, Rana Usman told Online that the electricity of the plaza would not be restored till the submission of the demand notice by the owners as the demand notice, worth Rs 280,000 has been issued to the owners on May 24.

He said that the department could do nothing until the owners deposit the payment mentioned on the demand notice.

“There is one alternate of this situation, if the owners would submit written assurance in the IESCO office that they would pay the expenditure”, he said.

When our reporter questioned the SDO about his senior officer, including Xen, he said that he was not present in his office and has left the country on an official course.

“The transformer is not working for the last four days and we have made repeated verbal and written requests to the concerned line superintendent and sub-divisional officer but our all complaints are lying unattended”, said a group of residents.

The residents demanded immediate replacement of the burnt transformer otherwise they will be forced not to pay the electricity bills.