When we see the sorry state of affairs of federation it appears that now the only hope of nation rests in proactive role of Supreme Court of Pakistan. You speak of corruption in RPP’s, NICL appointment of unqualified DG or enquiry against the venerable Mr. Ameen Fahim or the charge against our PM by Apex Court now thwarted by the Speaker more loyal than the King to her party it all boils down to a Herculean effort by the Apex Court to instill a modicum of respect for rule of law in the people. However if the party Co-Chairman cum President keeps on pardoning the guilty punished by the court then how do we expect induction of a just social order. Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary steps.

There are more sleeping cells of horrendous corruption that do not meet the eye at present due to lack of enough investigation by the media which if unearthed would be mind-boggling.


Lahore, May 26.