At least three persons were killed and eight others sustained injuries, including a policeman in a remote controlled bomb attack in the outskirts of provincial capital of Quetta on Sunday. A two donkeys were also killed and two carts and a rickshaw were badly damaged. Police say that police van was the main target of bomb attack planted in a donkey cart parked near the road, however the police personnel miraculously remained unhurt. As per detail, a police van of New Sariab Police station carrying some personnel was coming towards city and a heavy bomb explosion planted Improvised Explosive Device (IED) under a donkey cart took place when the van past by. As a result a rickshaw driver, two owners of donkey carts besides their donkeys were killed. Two donkey carts were blown into pieces while a rickshaw was gutted after catching fire in the wake of blast. When contacted SP Iskandar Tareen told this ascribe that three passers by were killed and eight persons including a police person were got injured. He said that the police personnel riding an official van were the main target of the bomb attack, but remained unhurt. However a constable received minor injuries. Mohibullah, a staff of bomb disposal squade said that the explosive was IED and wighed between 10 to 15 KG which was detonated with remote control. After the blast the police team and ambulances started reaching at the site and taking injured to hospital. The doctors say that two of the injured were serious. Two of the deceased were identified as Muhammad Yunis and Mohammad Arif, an Afghan national while the identity of third one is yet to be named. The injured are Badur Khan, Abdur Samad, Mozammal Ahmad, Abdul Rashid, Rafiullah, Allah Bakhsh, Waqar Ahmad and Mohammad Nazar, police Constable.