RAWALPINDI  – Acute water shortage persisted in the areas of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) on Saturday making the lives of residents miserable.

Various localities, including Peoples Colony, Dhoke Syedian, Afshan Colony, Dhoke Juma, Dhoke Kalore, Mubarik Lane and Adiala Road and other areas have been facing water shortage for the last many days.

Some residents of RCB area, while talking to this agency, said the authorities concerned were least interested in resolving the issue as a number of complaints lodged by them did not move them and there was no improvement in the water supply situation. They said that the RCB officials should have taken steps in view of increased demand in summer season. They should have install more tube-wells and arrange tankers to meet the water shortage. The RCB officials, while talking to this agency, attributed the water crisis to its shortage in Khanpur Dam and long power outages.

Muhammad Ali Shehzad Bhatti, PML-Q leader, said the concerned authorities had failed to ensure water supply as per demand, making it hard for the people to get water for drinking and domestic use. Hamid, a resident of Peoples Colony, said the demand of water had increased manifolds but it was being supply in insufficient quantity. The authorities concerned were not lethargic to solve the issue, he added.

They urged the authorities to ensure adequate water supply to the residents of the areas.