Whether it was the killing of seven people by a lone gunman in Toulouse last year or Boston brothers spraying bullets on the marathon runners or the recent stunning murder of a British soldier in South-East London, all send the same signal, that these are not acts of a ‘lone-wolf’. These killers may not have a physical link with each other but they definitely share the same school of thought (hate schools). How to describe the behavior of a rebel commander eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier or the one in Woolwich, his hands covered in blood, asking the passers-by to photograph him.

In view of possible backlash against Muslims and their mosques, security has been stepped up; a few miscreants were arrested while trying to attack mosques. Ordinary Brits need to understand that an-eye-for-eye reaction will be same as playing into the hands of the terrorists; they will just blow any such reaction to their advantage to recruit more comrades. We presume Britain is not Pakistan, wherein police will either disappear or simply stand by, when non-Muslim communities are attacked.

It’s time for introspection for Brits to look for people and institutions which are preaching hatred among the younger generation using the freedom of speech. A freedom without strings or laws will result in what happened in Woolwich the other day.


Saudi Arab, May 23.