Post election scenario is marred by protests and calls for re-elections, re-polling on the account of rigging in many areas of Pakistan. Pakistan has come a long way in terms of establishing basic norms of democracy, like transferring power from one civil government to the other. After six decades of wrestling between democratic and non-democratic forces, finally it seems the nation agrees over civil rule. Two large provinces have reelected the same rulers back into power. If results are a parameter of judging performance, we can easily infer that PML-N and PPP performed outstandingly, in their respective provincial domains. Whether someone agrees or not we don’t have any other way to assess political parties’ popularity.

The only province where people expressed their dissatisfaction is KPK; it means ANP was the only guilty party and solely responsible for bad governance in the entire country!

We should all rejoice that Pakistani politics has been cleansed, If history is any reference, victory of status quo in major provinces is yet another lease to corruption and mismanagement, but this time the mandate is given by the people of Pakistan under the vigilance of free media and a proactive judiciary. Heavy responsibility now lies on the shoulders of coming government leaving the debate of genuineness of mandate aside, let us wish new government best of luck.


Australia, May 24.