The killing of one man in London shocked the world. The British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his visit to France and rushed back, as if he was going to provide personal care to the victim’s family, but this act shows that he cares for his people, while in Pakistan deaths of hundreds of people dying every week from bomb blasts and terrorist acts moved no one. The BBC and CNN used to show such incidents but this time these are not barely mentioned. But when rulers of a country themselves abandon their people why should anyone else care?

Life has no value in Pakistan, there is no one who cares if a hundred die or fifty or five in any city of Pakistan in any incident, be it a bomb blast, a fire, or random shooting (target killing). The Boston Marathon killers were immediately caught. The killers of the soldier in London was caught, the killer in American school was caught, while in Pakistan no one knows, or cares, how the plague that is TTP is now carrying out blasts literally on every inch of the land of the pure.

Series of recent bomb blasts have triggered a new wave of violence across the city which has made the life difficult making them feel as if they are living in a war zone. If all this is happening because there is a war between two mindsets, then why should the common man suffer? Why can it not be resolved through effective army operation? Is the life of a common man so worthless that anyone can shoot or blow him up? These questions remain unanswered; the country is being taken for a ride with events such as rigged elections, contrived loadshedding and inflation to pander to the rich and the new Bureaucrats that will be soon sworn in, who will again start the chain of “Nothing can be done”. They will enjoy big salaries, cars, perks foreign trips and go home with millions in their bank accounts, by illegal appointments and permissions granted to friends and family for petrol pumps. Who is there to raise a question, perhaps only a few people writing in newspaper knowing nothing will change!


Karachi, May 24.