There is ongoing political debate about Modi’s invitation to our Prime Minister to participate in the oath-taking ceremony and his ‘consensus’ based acceptance. Pak-India hardliners are critical of the invitation, while positivists see the move as a good start by both rulers. Perceptions regarding Modi are based on his election campaigning, and India’s perception regarding Pakistan can be evaluated by the voters overwhelming acceptance of Modi.

Modi previous political profile is replete with anti-Muslim moves, yet his positive gesture towards Pakistan shows his concern for Indian’s role in Asian politics. Modi possess a track record of concern for economic development in India. Let’s see how many of India’s hopes he is able to fulfill. Modi’s invitation seems to be an optimistic gesture. No doubt, cordial relations between Pakistan-India are a challenge, however wisdom of political leaders can play a positive role. Importantly and necessarily, new rational and objective decisions based on sincerity and forgetting the past on both sides should result in peace, economic development and stability.


Islamabad, May 24.