NEW DELHI - A bunch of delicious and traditional Indian cuisine dishes was served to Nawaz Sharif and other guests at Rashtrapati Bhavan during Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony on Monday.
The dishes served to guests at the Presidency were chilled melon soup (chilled soup made of muskmelon and herbs) chicken hazarvi, tandoori aaloo (potatoes stuffed with light masala and cooked in clay oven), galauti kabab, arvi ke kabab, prawn stew (prawns cooked in coconut milk and Indian spices), chicken chettinad (Tamil Nadu), kadhi (Gujarat), birbali kofta curry, Jaipuri bhindi (Rajasthan), kela methi nu shaak (Gujarat), dal makhani (Punjab), potol dorma (West Bengal), steamed rice, assorted Indian breads, cucumber raita, pineapple halwa, sandesh (West Bengal) and green tea/South Indian coffee.