ISLAMABAD - Since the MQM is currently facing hardships in both UK and Pakistan, the third largest opposition party's top command is contemplating to give some responsibilities to its senior member Dr. Farooq Sattar in London.
The name of senior MQM legislator Dr. Farooq is expected to deal with party matters under the direct command of their party chief Altaf Husain in UK, who is currently facing probe in different matters.
Background interviews and discussions with MQM's members revealed that the opposition party is mulling reshuffle in different slots to sort out the plethora of issues currently faced by the party.
The fourth largest parliamentary faction in a major change has replaced its parliamentary leader in the National Assembly Farooq Sattar , MNA from NA-249, with Abdul Rashid Godil who was serving as deputy parliamentary leader.
Sources said that Altaf Hussain had recently summoned Farooq Sattar to deliberate on different important matters related to the Karachi operation, NICOP matter, UK government's step of freezing Altaf's bank accounts and other matters. They said that Altaf also expressed bit annoyance with Farooq over his performance on some party matters.
It is relevant to mention here that MQM's 170 political units in the biggest city of the country are non-functional for the last five months due to alleged violent attacks on party workers.
MQM has almost failed to convince or compel concerned authorities to stop Karachi operation, as it has badly affected the party's performance, they said. MQM has repeatedly complained about its 42 missing persons, with the demand to form a monitoring committee to oversee the Karachi operation.
The federal cabinet (in September 2013) had empowered rangers to lead a targeted operation with the support of police against criminals already identified by military and civil agencies for their alleged involvement in targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, extortion and terrorism in Karachi.
When contacted, an MQM member said their party's top brass has still not finalized any change in Karachi office. "All the matters are deliberated in the Rabita committee and then finalized," he added.
MQM is currently organizing public gathering, expressing solidarity with Altaf Hussain in the wake of ongoing investigation against the party chief in the UK, non-issuance of NICOP, Karachi operation and other matters.