NEW DELHI- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said today that top diplomats from Pakistan and India would meet soon to advance peace talks that have moved fitfully because of political tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

Sharif was in New Delhi for Monday's inauguration of India 's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, with whom he had a "warm and cordial" bilateral meeting, he said.

"We agreed that our meeting in New Delhi should be a historic opportunity for both our countries," he told journalists. "This provides us the opportunity of meeting the hopes and aspirations of our peoples that we will succeed in turning a new page in our relations."

"We also agreed that the two foreign secretaries would be meeting soon to review and carry forward our bilateral agenda in the spirit of our meeting today."

India said earlier that Modi had conveyed during the meeting his concerns about militants using Pakistani soil to carry out acts of terrorism in India . Sharif told that accusations and counter-accusations did not help matters.