Italy are unhappy to hear that food unfit for consumption has been found and confiscated from their World Cup hotel in Brazil but say it will not be a problem for them.

Team doctor Enrico Castellecci told journalists that Italy were planning to take most of their food in any case and everything served to the players would be checked by their own staff.

"Obviously, we are not pleased about this news, we're not happy that it's happened exactly at the place we are going to," he said at Italy 's training camp outside Florence.

"In any case, we have extremely well-prepared staff who control everything and we will bring nearly everything with us from Italy .

"It hasn't created a problem for us but of, course, it's not pleasing."

The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper said Italy would travel to Brazil with 20 tonnes of goods, including food and sporting equipment.

Brazilian health and safety officials raided the England and Italy team hotels for the World Cup on Monday and confiscated fish, butter, ham and other food past their sell-by dates.

Officials discovered 25kg of seafood and margarine past the sell by date at Italy 's hotel in Mangaratiba, around 100 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, and another 24kg of meat, sauces, cheese and sugar that had no visible sell-by date.