A batch of 260 Pakistan Army troops left for Congo on Monday to perform peace-keeping duties under the aegis of United Nations Mission. Brigadier Munir Ahmed bade them farewell at the Allama Iqbal International Airport, prior to their departure on a UN chartered aircraft.
The departing troops will replace the already deployed Pakistan Army Contingent in the war ravaged country as part of relieve and rotation schedule. 
Speaking to troops, Brigadier Munir Ahmed said that Pakistan Army had added glorious chapters in the history of peace-keeping by rendering dedicated services for the restoration of peace all over the globe. He emphasised that as representatives of country of their conduct should reflect the exemplary traditions of Pakistan Army.  The Pakistani peace-keepers are serving in war ravaged Congo since the last eight years. The Pakistani contingent as part of the UN Peace-Keeping force in Congo has earned acclaim for successfully restoring secure and stable environments in the strife torn country.