ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Monday directed DG Intelligence Bureau and the Secretary Ministry of Interior to submit a report about the display of banners against the judge of apex court at various places in the federal capital within 24 hours.
Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, heading a two-judge bench, was hearing the petition of suspension of Geo TV channel’s transmission by the cable operators.
The court on the statement of the legal head of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Zahid Malik disposed of the Geo TV petition. He informed the bench that they would comply the Supreme Court order passed on 13th August 2012 that the Pemra would take action against cable operators who blocked the private TV channels. Interior Secretary Shahid Khan and Director General IB Aftab Sultan, appearing before the court on short notices, informed that they have knowledge about the banners but did not know who were behind these banners.  Justice Jawwad ordered them to submit the report who had put up these banners in which Supreme Court had been maligned.
It was written on the banner, “Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman sister is the sister-in-law of Justice Jawwad S Khawaja.” “Applicant sister-in-law and judge brother-in-law” from ‘Farzand-e-Islam.’ He said if in the Red Zone of the heart of Pakistan these things are happening then how could interior Sindh and the Punjab be safe from such activities.
 The attorney general was directed to find out about the elements behind display of these banners so that in future such things did not take place.
 “If the unknown persons could do such things in Red Zone of Islamabad then how the country could remain secure.”
Taufiq Asif, former President Lahore High Court Bar Association, Rawalpindi bench, informed the court that since Friday around 25 posters and banners are hanging at various places, including the Red Zone.
He said normally of the banners hanged in federal capital have the number issued by the Capital Development Authority, but on those banners there was no number of CDA. He said not only the banners have been displayed in the federal capital, but also a campaign has been launched on the social media.
The court on Monday dictated the order in Urdu saying they are doing it because some experts, including the lawyers and the anchorpersons, do not understand the court verdicts in English and, therefore, they could not pass on the correct information of the public.
Justice Jawwad on May 22 also through order made it clear that he did not find any reason of not hearing the case. The order stated that the Code of Conduct prescribed by the Supreme Judicial Council for judges of the superior courts includes Article 4 which states that a judge should not “act in a case involving his own interest, including those of persons whom he regards and treats as near relatives or close friends.”
Justice Jawwad said that it is clear from it that he has no basis for regarding or treating Shakeel ur Rehman as a near relative.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Bar Council Special Committee passed a resolution saying; “We have taken serious notice of recent abhorent and distasteful attempts made by certain media groups in maligning the judiciary in general and some particular judges in particular. It said: “We feel that these distasteful attacks on judiciary point to some mala fide motive which should be inquired by the Government and persons responsible be taken to task. We emphatically declare that we uphold the freedom of expression and independence of judiciary.”
The case was adjourned till 28th May 2014.