PESHAWAR - The Finance Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muzaffar Said Advocate has said that rulers in Islamabad were intentionally trying to paralyze the province economically and push the people and government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the wall.

“Our political elites and media will have to raise Islamabad’s conscience against injustices meted out against us otherwise it may be late to rectify them”, he added.

He reiterated firm commitment of his government that concrete steps for elimination of corruption, reinvigorating accountability process and strengthening the institutions, would continue unabated and would get genuine allocations in the budget for new fiscal year 2016-17.

Addressing pre-budget consultation seminar at Cabinet Room of Civil Secretariat Peshawar he said the province was facing numerous challenges in budget making for next financial year which included huge expenditures in war against militancy.

He said, “Our priorities for the new budget preparation included continuity of change and reforms, development of human resources and social sectors, increasing growth rate and employment opportunities, energy generation, exploiting the natural resources, improving security, law and order as well as institutionalizing the local government system to enable the government to deliver to the masses and satisfy them.

Muzaffar said, “We did not expect social grants or any other favours from the federal government except to give us our due rights in-time and avoid step-motherly attitude with us. However, it was in its own larger interest to promptly transfer us our dues required for budget making.”

He said the damages of infrastructure due to terrorism, militancy, floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities coupled with increasing ratio of poverty and unemployment because of the lack of industrial and economic activities in the province was an open secret. 

He cautioned that history would not forgive the federal government if it closed eyes and intentionally ignored the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to tackle these chronic issues of the province.

He said that he would also continue to take the colleagues from treasury and opposite benches and political strata onboard.