ISLAMABAD - With low conviction rate of criminals and terrorists from the courts due to weaker prosecution and investigations, the interior minister yesterday gave approval for revamping of criminal justice system.

In this regard Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan approved formation of Federal Core Group as recommended in a high-level meeting, which was chaired by secretary ministry of interior, a spokesman of the ministry said.

The core group comprises stakeholders from federal as well as provincial governments, civil society, political parties and international organizations working on criminal justice system reforms in Pakistan.

The federal core group would have sub-committees of provincial governments. They would submit their recommendations to the group bringing in a broader consensus for tangible solution to nest the reformation in criminal justice system of Pakistan.

The interior minister said terrorist attacks, violence and loop holes in the existing criminal justice system demands greater commitment from the state to ensure harsher punishment for terrorists, and anti-state elements. Nisar observed that a consensus on speedy and logical reformation of the criminal justice system on the four key aspects - police, prosecution, courts, corrections - prisons, parole, probation must be under taken on emergent basis.

The interior minister directed NACTA to coordinate the core issue of justice system under its mandated National Action Plan (NAP), with a precise objective of infusing reforms in criminal justice system. To ensure that reformation objectives are swiftly achieved in a given timeframe with clear working guidelines, the minister also directed, federal core group should also review the previous work done on criminal justice system by judiciary.

, and foreign entities helping us to establish a way forward and achieve reformation target in minimum possible time.