LAHORE - Embarking on second leg of JI Train March against corruption, JI Chief Sirajul Haq said that the nation would not pardon the persons who had plundered billions of the public money and sent the same to offshore accounts.

JI chief leading large number of party activists launched second round of train march from provincial capital yesterday.

The party workers were carrying placards banners and posters inscribed with slogans and loot and plunder of the country by the corrupt and demanding sending them to behind bars.

They were chanting slogans no more corrupt and corruption. The masses should get united against the corrupt, he said.

The objective of the JI’s Corruption Free Pakistan campaign was to pave way to transform Pakistan into a real Islamic welfare State, said the JI chief.

There were two Pakistan, one was serving the few elite and corrupt, while the rest was testing the nerves of middle class and poor, he added.

The corrupt elite had usurped the rights of the workers, farmers and even the minorities  The Panama Leaks had exposed the plunderers including the politicians, he said.

The JI wants the joint Parliamentary Committee on ToR’s to complete its work at the earliest, he added.  “I will chase the corrupt up to London if I have to,” said the JI chief.