Islamabad - The government in yesterday’s parliamentary committee on Panama leaks convinced the opposition for making ToRs in line with starting probe not from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The unsatisfied opposition members, in the second meeting on the Panama Papers, written-off loans and kickbacks, expressed wish to include names of PM’s family for making contours to investigate controversies, sources said.

There was a disagreement between the government and opposition in the second meeting of the body, which had to frame complete ToRs for judicial commission in fifteen days.

“The differences on the wording of the Terms of Reference remain in the meeting and will be discussed in subsequent meetings,” a press note read.

However, the committee in principle agreed on the Preamble of the ToRs of the Inquiry Commission to be constituted in pursuance of the motions adopted by both Houses of Parliament.

According to the preamble, the committee will consider various options to inquire important issues raised in controversy over Panama Papers, media reports about offshore companies, transfer of funds, commissions, kickback and written-off bank loans. The sources said the government attempted to convince opposition that name of PM was not mentioned in Panama Papers.

“If ToRs are framed in lines with starting probe from the prime minister then judicial commission might give no value to it,” they added.  The opposition, they said, was not fully convinced to retreat from its stance to start investigation from prime minister as it kept on insisting including PM’s family in the contours of ToRs. They said the committee meeting also remained suspended for an hour due to deadlock over this matter.

The government would respond to the opposition-flouted document titled ‘Joint Opposition’s Submission on TORs, May 26, 2016” in the next meeting.

Talking to the media, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said the committee “with consensus agreed upon four out of six points” that came under discussion.

“The opposition took back two, out of the 15, points they wanted to be included in the ToRs,” Dar said.

Railways Minister Saad Rafique said the opposition and government are working to develop consensus.  “The SC  has not rejected the govt ToRs rather it had its own viewpoint in the light of which we will move forward,” he said.

Earlier, Leader of Opposition in Senate Aitzaz Ahsan said there was consensus on four points of the initial framework of ToRs and second phase of the draft would be finalised today (Friday).

He added that the opposition parties had offered the government to withdraw two points, out of 15 it submitted before the committee.

PTI  leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said  the opposition convoyed  its reservation over the government’s ToRs in the meeting.