LAHORE - Afghan refugees must be repatriated without any delay to ensure security on borders of Pakistan, senior political leaders stressed.

The leaders of PTI, PPP and MQM said that agents of Afghan intelligence NDS and Indian secret service RAW must be brought to justice and the matter must be raised with Kabul.

Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti at a press conference yesterday exposed six NDS agents involved in subversive activities in Pakistan. The nailed agents are Afghan refugees living in different areas of the province, said Mr Bugti.

JI chief Sirajul Haq said both Kabul and Islamabad must work sincerely for durable peace.

“Both Afghanistan and Pakistan must work for sincere peace efforts instead of fighting proxy wars which would only benefit the third parties,” the JI chief told The Nation by phone.

“Sending Afghan refugees back would not solve the problem as peace between Kabul and Islamabad is the only option to secure the frontiers,” he added.

RAW and CIA will continue recruiting Afghans even if the refugees are sent back as the matter in discussion demands sincere peace efforts, he insisted.

“The process of repatriation of Afghan refugees must be started without any further delay,” said PPP’s Qamar Zaman Kaira.

“It is highly alarming that Afghan intelligence service is using its refugees to launch subversive activities on Pakistani soil. Pakistan government and security agencies should take up this matter with Kabul,” he added.

The Balochistan Home Minister had taken a very tough line against the Afghan refugees and he should not do that because such gesture could damage the years old sacrifices of Pakistani nation for Afghans, the PPP leader said.

Senior PTI leader Hamid Khan also endorsed the PPP leader by saying immediate repatriation of the Afghan refugees.

“There is no justification to delay in repatriation of Afghans,” he added. The government must take up the repatriation of the refugees on war-footing giving it top priority, said the PTI leader.

“Afghan refugees have Pakistani identity cards and they are mixed in the local population. Nobody can differentiate between a local Pushtun and an Afghan Pushtun in Balochistan and KK,” he added.

As far as the NDS and RAW activities are concerned, the secret agents should be given punishments besides taking up the matter with the governments concerned.

Genuine Afghan refugees should be separated from the non-genuine and the latter must be repatriated at the earliest, MQM spokesman Aminul Haq said.

“The agents of NDS and RAW brought to court of law and the guilty should be send behind bars,” he added.

Afghan refugees for certain political targets were settled in the urban as well as rural population of the country during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The refugees had been provided with Pakistani identity cards and passports to move and travel wherever they want which now put on stake the security of the state, said the MQM leader.