Is Punjab finally sailing towards a bright future? Some recent developments in different areas have shown that Punjab is certainly heading towards progress and development. By realizing the need to adopt a few measures and introduce some special initiatives, the Punjab government has really shown a very serious attitude in ensuring the betterment of its masses.

To recognize women as equal citizens and give them their due rights, the government recently passed Women’s Rights Bill to control violence against women. To provide timely emergency response and care, the government established divisional urban search and rescue teams. To curb street crimes in the provincial capital and to provide sense of security to the general public, the government established agile and modern patrolling police titled ‘Dolphin Force’. To reframe the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities (PWDs), the government increased the disabled quota for employment from 2% to 3% in Provincial Government Departments and District Governments in Punjab.

To reach out to the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the province and help them alleviate their difficult socio-economic circumstances, the government launched Khidmat Card Programme for providing interest free loans, free technical training, rehabilitation and welfare and financial assistance to disabled persons in the province.


Lahore, April 7.