Rawalpindi - Sunni Tehrik (ST) Chief Sarwat Ijaz Qadri was stopped by police from coming out of the Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport (BBIIAP) yesterday morning after his arrival from Karachi on a private airline 201.

The police told ST Chief that the Punjab government banned his entry in Punjab and sent him back to Karachi on the same flight.

According to details, ST Head Sarwat Ijaz Qadri arrived at BBIIAP from Karachi through a private airline number 201. However, a heavy contingent of police barred Qadri from coming out of arrival lounge and informed him that government has banned his entry in Punjab province. The police sent Qadri back to Karachi in the same airline. Qadri was due to address a public gathering in Taxila today (Friday).On the other hand, ST activists staged a protest demonstration against government for not allowing Sarwat entering in Punjab. In a statement, Sarwat Ijaz Qadri condemned the act of the Punjab government.

He said that barring him from entering in Punjab was against the law and constitution of Pakistan.

He said that the government was targeting the patriots instead of terrorists. He said that ST would tackle the suppression of Punjab government with power of masses and in democratic way.