I am the World - Mother Earth - to whom the Almighty created more than millions of years ago. I am blessed with a lot of meaningful blessings, viz., animals, birds, insects, oceans, rivers, seasons, air, mountain ranges, fruits, flowers, and forests besides the hidden treasure inside me.

Above all I am embedded with pearls - humans - who are blessed with wisdom. Exploring my vast nature, you (humans) are flying in the sky, diving under the deep waters, acquiring more and more land.

It amuses me when I see you getting minerals, eating fruits and foods from my trees and from fertile lands. I feel proud because when you fly in the air, pass through the space and make effort to explore other planets like moon because you enjoy the right to utilise other living and non-living things for your benefits.

I wonder even as you are making progress magically by inventing, discovering and exploring universe and making distances short, you are unable to live happy life with one another.

You are not comforting your parents, children, wives, husbands, and relatives, let alone spreading love among friends and neighbours.

Factually, you are advancing your priorities towards industrialization and while manufacturing products keep no measures in consideration to cope with hazardous waste with approved technology-based-treatment before you dispose of it somewhere in my cities’ suburbs.

These hazardous wastes are corrosive, universal wastes such as batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment and light bulbs and mixed wastes which contain radioactive and hazardous components which, only if you know, are harmful to you, and also to me.

You are polluting me by adding heat in environment which is melting glaciers and bringing hiking kind of danger for both of us.

You must quit your inhuman and unfriendly activities for the sake of environment now.

You won’t believe me but I pray for you that may you have a sense of contentment and security. But you don’t understand you real status.

Let me tell you the core purpose of our creation which is not creating chaos but to find harmony while living in conflict. Don’t you love peace?

Moreover, I am extremely annoyed by your nuclear tests inside my belly.

Besides an atomic bomb, let me enlighten you, plutonium provides electrical power on space probes and vehicles. It is also a better choice for certain thermoelectric generator application and also helpful for artificial pacemaker for people with heart conditions. But you are unfortunately not promoting and using it for positive purposes at length.

It is high injustice with me, being empty handed, weaponless and have no enmity with anyone. Your Mother Earth got irreparable wounds when brutality, hatred, imperialism and misanthropy was staged in Heroshima and Nagasaki. Thousands of humans were dead within no time by your own kind.

Owing to those bombs my natural system to reproduce things, to keep air friendly has been greatly affected.

After that horrible experience and with trembling body I was trying to collect myself that the humans alarmed me and fired their automatic weapons in Middle East. The demonstration of chemical weapons exposed your ‘cannibalism’ when you massacred your own kind.

Your claims to save me are hollow unless you don’t keep on filling my lap with bodies of innocent victims of your tussle for power.

O, my dear human! You are in a race to invent poisonous chemical and atomic weapons which keeps me under a perpetual threat that if the greed to become sole authority of the world would reach to such steep end and all the weapons were fired for the lust of superiority, I would be deformed and might not survive anymore.

Are you not afraid of losing me?

What would you do when my rivers, canals, streams will go dry?

How would you breath when your fatal weapons will be fired in the fresh air and there will be no concerned gas available for living beings?

Will you be able to get food and other eatables from fertile fields after making it barren?

Will you be able to revive or frame cultures and traditions again, what will be your identity after destroying and eliminating different ancient traditions and cultures which are basic structure for living and amusement?

Today I beg you to work for peace, not for terrorism or imperialism or racism.

I am your Mother Earth, not a battlefield for life.

Save me for yourself!