LAHORE: Legendry TV and film actor Rani was paid tributes on the occasion of her death anniversary on Friday in an exhibition ‘Aik Mulaqaat’ at Alhamra.

The event was held under the aegis of Rohtas 2 Gallery and Lahore Arts Council. More than 313 pictures and 106 film posters are being showcased in the exhibition, which will continue for one week.

Hero worship and craze is common in this part of the world. Some people go an extra mile. Zahid Khan Guddu is one such person. He has a big collection of actress Rani’s pictures, booklets and film posters. Rani’s daughter Rabia Hassan also had a lot of memorable items related to her mother. The current exhibition features items taken from Guddu’s film archives and Rabia’s memorable pictures of her mother.

The exhibition received overwhelming response on the opening day. People from different walks of life, old movie buffs and some people from the film industry were present at the opening. Chairman Board of Governors, Lahore Arts Council, Kamran Lashari inaugurated the show.     

Legend Rani played the role of a Rani (Queen) in her debut movie. The name became associated with her for the rest of her life. Rani acted in more than 166 Punjabi and Urdu movies. She won the hearts of young generation over in her last days when she appeared in TV dramas “Khawhish” and “Fareeb”.

Actor Shan after visiting the exhibition said that Rani was no doubt one of the greatest actors of Pakistan. “The new generation does not know them. Holding of exhibitions like this one would introduce them to the legends of our film industry, who contributed a lot and brought honour and respect to Pakistan,” Shan told The Nation.  

Rabia Hassan said that it is often that we fail to realize what blessing it is to have the most unconditional love that surrounds us in the appearance of our parents, especially mothers. “My mother Rani departed for her heavenly abode on May 1993. The only way I could see or feel her presence is by revisiting the art she left behind. The intention behind displaying this extraordinary collection is to resurrect my mother as an artiste”, she said.

Rani (1946 to 1993) gained success in the late 1960s when she made a hit pair with famous actor Waheed Murad. Rani remained one of the most successful actresses of Pakistan. Her dance performances in films made her the most famous actor.

Zahid Khan Guddu said Rani is such an eminent name of Pakistani film industry that needs no introduction. “A critical study of her talent and work reveals that she wasn’t a mere character; she was an academy. She was unparalleled in her profession. Her acting, dancing, beauty and dressing was exceptional and that is why she had a such a huge fan following,” Guddu said.

Bibi Mukhtar Begum and Hassan Tariq are the characters who played a vital role in making “Rani”. She started her acting career from the movie “Sahab” but “Mahboob” was declared to her first movie as that got released earlier.

“We can never pay the tribute she deserves for her work but we have initiated an effort to pay homage to such a great star by preserving all of her film records and history of Pakistani film industry under the name of ‘Guddu Film Archives’. We have saved a collection that consists of some specific posters, photos, booklets, post cards and advertisements from old newspapers to know more about Rani,” Guddu said.