First is the Multan road that serves as the major entrance and exit of the provincial capital towards down country. A road stretch of about six kilometers from Thokar Niazbeg to Chung is a nightmare to negotiate. On this piece of road are located government offices – newly established NAB office, NHA office, NLC port (Custom House), a bus stand opposite the NHA office building, Motorway police kiosk, Police Training Center, and what not. Facing Multan, the road on left of the median has two lanes on which travel long-body buses and trailers. Buses go back and forth to the bus stand and trailers to NLC dry port, taking difficult U-turns. To alleviate the miseries of the road users, all it needs is to add a lane each on both sides of the Multan road from Motorway overhead bridge to Chung.

Second is the Raiwind road. You have to see it to believe it. All encroachments have been removed. Many shops demolished, compensations paid, bridges reconstructed and widened, and double-way roads expanded on both sides. A huge ornamental roundabout has been built from where road leads to Sharifs’ homes, not to mention the extension of Motorway overhead bridge on Multan road to another such bridge on the canal bank, costing Rs3.39 billion to facilitate free run to Raiwind. Compare the ways of our democratic rulers with miseries of the plebeians who elect them.


Lahore, April 7.