According to Radio Pakistan, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal says GDP growth target of six percent will be achieved during the next financial year.

In a statement, he said backward areas of the country will be given special attention in the development programme.

The Minister said 66 percent increase in the budget of Higher Education Commission will help promote quality education in the country.

On Friday, PML-N for the first time in its three stints in power presented its fifth growth-ambitious budget on Friday to an agitated assembly.

The budget for fiscal 2017-18 with a total outlay of Rs4.75 trillion, carrying a deficit of Rs1.5 trillion (4.1 percent of the GDP), focuses on infrastructure development, energy, agriculture and information technology.

The government has set an ambitious growth rate of 6 percent for the upcoming fiscal year, which remained at 5.27 percent - against a target of 5.7 percent - during outgoing year 2016-17.

In his opening remarks, the finance minister said he felt proud in presenting the fifth budget of the PML-N government, as it was an achievement for Pakistan's democracy.

He said that during last four years the economy had been put on a strong footing as the government was taking measures to achieve the goal of economic stability. This 'turned around' was hard to imagine when they assumed power, he added.