I am Swedish Pakistani and my association with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is not new. It all started in 2008, exactly a decade ago when I lost my 20 years old cousin and my grandma too. The reason for both deaths was cancer. After facing such back to back tragic incidents in my family, I made a promise to myself to serve this institution and try my best to make a reason for bringing someone back to life and to his home happily.

With the continuation of my promise, I attended SKMCH & RC networking and fundraising function here in Stockholm, Sweden organized for by the Pakistani community in Sweden. On the way from my home to the hall, I was thinking and praying to make all Shaukat Khanum Friends a source of brightness and hope for the affected and deserving patients.

It was indeed a wonderful event where, as per my expectation, people participated in the philanthropic activity with great zeal and zest. Their response was worth watching. Males, females, and children from all walks of life took part in the fund-raising activity to their full capacity. It seemed to me that some sort of competition is going. Competition in terms of giving more, in terms of serving more, in terms of pleasing Allah and His people who are in need.

I am sure; the funds collected at the event will become ray of hope for many precious lives. Everyone in Pakistan or overseas should come forward to play their role in helping out institution like SKMCH&RC by all possible means.


Sweden, May 25.