LAHORE - In an unusual complaint, a man approached the district and sessions court in Lahore, seeking a case against his son for ‘talking to girls late at night’ from his cell phone.

Man named as Haji Sadiq filed a plea in the court said he was trying to stop his son from gossiping with girls for several months but in vain, reports said.

According to the man, his son Irfan completely ignored his orders and went on with his habit even during the holy month of Ramazan. The man also said his son go to the rooftop to talk to the girls from his mobile. He said he wanted his son to focus on his studies and abandon this unsocial habit but ‘Irfan is paying no heed to my requests’. The father narrates that his son was recently talking to somebody on a cellphone and “When I asked him to give his cellphone, he simply refused which made my doubts stronger.” Dismayed with the habit of his son, Sadiq approached the Shahdara police station before knocking the court’s door and asked the cops to get an FIR registered against his son, but police officials refused to file the same. He urged the court to direct the SHO to register the FIR against his son. The court has sought comments from the SHO. He requested the court to bar his son from all these activities during the holy month of Ramazan.