Leopards are often deemed to bemore adaptable to human beings than other species of the ecosystem such as lions and some other big cats.

But unfortunately, according to a research conducted quite recently, leopards have lost 75 percent of their historic range across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

It is said that leopards have almost vanished from vast ranges in China, Southeast Asia and the Arabian Peninsula while African leopards face numerous hurdles in north and west.

These iconic animals are threatened by numerous problems such as expanding farmlands, declining of prey and illegal trade of their skin and teeth. Their skins are also sometimes worn as a symbol of power by the African chiefs in their dominions, including South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma who feels proud of wearing such exotic and natural things. In fact, the world is losing dozens of species everyday, which is being termed by experts as the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history. Such a valuable animal certainly needs to be preserved and immediate efforts should be made to help them for their reproduction and save them from extinction.


Turbat, May 4.