National awards are a means to acknowledge those who excel in the fields of science, medicine, education, economics, social sciences, sports, acts of bravery, philanthropy etc. Unfortunately it has become an occasion to bestow medals like Pride Of Performance on those who indulge in profitable ventures and have contributed nothing for the collective benefit of 200 million citizens of this country who endure hardships and are denied even the constitution has defined their basic fundamental rights like, education, health, security of life and other basic necessities of life. More deserving than all who have been given national awards are Polio Workers who are harassed and subjected to attacks, yet are indeed doing a tremendous job.

It is an established fact that a restaurant which caters to Islamabad’s elite and from other cities is built on forest land located in Shakarparian Hills, which under no laws on statute books can be used for commercial purposes. Yet in opinion of PTI government which talks about Medina Welfare State Concept, the owner of this expensive restaurant deserves prestigious award of Pride of Performance. What pride it has brought or brought relief to 200 million, most of whom cannot afford even two meals a day, is beyond my comprehension.


Peshawar, May 9.