The progress is slow on Farishta’s case. After the initial grotesque response of the police officials of the Shahzad Town Police Station, the police are now trying to find the culprits. Though the police have detained six people for interrogation, there are some issues that both the police and the society need to ponder upon.

First, the murder of Farishta could have been averted had the police officials responded promptly Instead they reacted in the conventional manner they are hated for. The negligence of the police to take prompt action on the request of the father of the slain Farishta shows how unprofessional the Pakistani police are. Calling them our protectors is just shameful.

The unprofessionalism that the police officials showed in the first place should be an eye-opener for the state. The police officials often times mistreat the applicants and citizens through their callous attitude. The government and the higher-ups in police need to work on sensitisation of the police officials towards the public. At the moment, the police force lacks empathy. It is the lack of sensitisation and empathy in the police that bar them from taking prompt action whenever a citizen or a person asks them for their help.

Second, the wrongly-directed anger of people provoked by the case has exposed the ugly face of our society. When the public anger should be concentrated against the rape culture that is increasing with every passing day, some people are focusing on the ethnicity of rapists – who are presumed to be Afghans. Why should this issue be brought up when the actual problem is the widespread child sexual abuse? This shows the sick mentality that people in our society have.

The murder of Farishta tells us two things. First, the traditional ways of deterring child sexual abuses are proving insufficient. There is a need for taking up more measures against this malice. Second, the police, instead of protectors of the people, think of themselves as masters of people, as Farishta’s father accuses the police personnel of making him clean the station.

As long as the people delve into petty issues like ethnicity of the murderers, as long as police’s behaviour is not overhauled, as long as the debate is lacking on the topic of child sexual abuse, the issue in hand is not going anywhere anytime soon. And this is the point of real concern.