LAHORE : Jamaat-e-Islami’s acting head Liaqat Baloch says the Kashmir liberation movement is heading towards its goal despite the untold brutalities of the occupation forces in the occupied Kashmir.

He said this while talking to the deputy chief of the JI Azad Jammu and Kashmir Jehangir Khan and Secretary General Raja Muhammad Afzal at Mansoora.

The Kashmiri leaders apprised Mr Baloch of the current situation of the liberation struggle besides the conditions in Azad Kashmir.

Liaqat Baloch said that the ban on the JI Held Kashmir and the arrests of the Kashmiri leadership under the Public Safety Act and other black laws reflected Indian government’s nervousness.

He said that the grant of the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris alone could bring lasting peace in the region. He further said that talks with India could be fruitful only if the core issue of Kashmir was at the top of the agenda and sincere efforts were made to resolve it. He said that the JI firmly stood behind the Kashmiris and was supporting their political struggle.

Commenting on Narendra Modis victory in Indian elections, he said that Modi’s victory had created new challenges as well as new possibilities. He said that the Pak- China friendship and the CPEC were an eyesore for the enemies of the county and Balochistan was the enemy’s target.

Liaqat Baloch stressed that the weaknesses on the national level as well as Balochistan should be overcome. He said that the state and the politicians should remain on the same page with reference to India. He said there were new challenges in the Gulf as the US was increasing economic sanctions against Iran He said that tension was growing and it could lead to a war any moment and the war could engulf not only the region but most of the world countries.