ISLAMABAD  -   National Assembly will constitute today a committee to protect minorities from forced conversion.

According to National Assembly secretariat, minister of state for parliamentary affairs will move a motion under Rule 244(B) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the National Assembly, 2007.

As per the motion the speaker will nominate 15 MNAs to include them in the parliamentary committee to protect minorities from forced conversions. Senate has already adopted a motion on May 13, 2019, on the subject. Speaker has powers to make changes in the composition of the committee for members belonging to National Assembly, as and when deem appropriate.

The issue of forced conversion surfaced when two minor Hindu girls in Ghotki were allegedly abducted and converted forcibly to Islam. The civil society called on the provincial Assembly to take swift, serious measures to resurrect and pass the bill to stop the alleged forced conversions.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in a statement said that ‘it is imperative this bill be passed and steps taken to implement it. The human rights watch observed that the present, forced conversions are too easily, and too often, disguised as voluntary conversions, leaving minor girls especially vulnerable.

It said that forced conversions are not seen as a crime, much less as a problem that should concern mainstream Pakistan. The house will also take up the reduction in Higher Education budget. The calling attention notice will invite attention of the Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training to a matter of urgent public importance regarding proposed 51% cut in the budget of the Higher Education Commission by the Federal Government, which is causing grave concern amongst the public.