Rawalpindi-A modern vehicle inspection, certification station installed at Rawat near Radio Pakistan building started issuing fitness certificates to commercial vehicles in passenger and freight sector.

According to Regional Transport Authority (RTA) official, the Punjab government had made mandatory for commercial vehicles in passenger and freight sector to pass fitness test of an OPUS Inspection, a Swedish firm which started its operation here on May 20. Opus Inspection is establishing 39 Vehicle Inspection and Certification Stations (VICS) in all 36 districts of the province. Stations had already been made operational in Lahore, he added.

Motor Vehicle Examiner officers of Rawalpindi were directed by Punjab Transport Authority to cease issuance of Fitness Certificates to Transport Vehicles with immediate effect.

According to the new system, buses, vans, cabs, trolleys and trucks will be issued VICS certificate after alignment inspection, brake inspection, visual inspection, vehicle suspension verification, headlight inspection, emission inspection and vehicle noise inspection.

The transport department had set Rs 1080 inspection fee for transport vehicle, Rs 720 for each delivery van and motor cab, rickshaw and motorcycle rickshaw; whereas, the renewal fee after six months will be charged Rs 540 for HTV and LTV, and Rs 450 for delivery van, motor cabs and auto rickshaws. Transport officials claim the modern inspection method will be helpful in controlling the road accidents and entering this sector into a modern era. “No public transport will be allowed to operate on roads without passing the seven inspections of international standard which aims to ensure road safety and minimize the number of accidents,” said the official.

He added that the enforcement staff of the transport department would ensure every vehicle to get the VICS certificate. Divided into three categories, the VICS include “A-type station” which will test LTV (Light Transport Vehicles) and HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicles). The company has established at station at Rawat.

The “B-type station”, having single inspection lane, will serve only LTV and provide inspection facility in Rawalpindi, Jehlum and Attock in Rawalpindi division. The “C-type station” is mobile unit and serve both LTV and HTV at facility centre in Chakwal, in Rawalpindi division. Maximum inspection time for HTV, LTV and rickshaws will be 30 minutes, 20min and 15min respectively. Moreover, the owners/driver will take appointments through toll free numbers, SMS and website services. Separate air-conditioned customer areas, help desk and waiting areas will also be established to provide good service to vehicle owner/driver during the inspection.

The Opus Company signed the agreement with Punjab government on BoT (build, operate and transfer) basis. The company will make bi-annual inspection of a vehicle with different free structure for 30 years period. The government has also provided land on lease for the VICS stations in all the cities.

According to Station Manager of VICS, Rawat, Nasir Mushtaq, a modern laboratory had been setup with three bases. He informed that one had been allocated for heavy transport vehicles while two others were for light transport vehicles. Mushtaq said that the fitness of vehicles would be determined by conducting different tests after which a computerised report would be issued. “A single fault in any test would term the vehicle misfit”, he said and added that a new test, which would be free, would be conducted again within a period of two weeks. The fitness certificate would expire after six months while a new vehicle (applied for) would be given a two-year certificate.