The vulnerability of our weak health system, coupled with the insensitive attitude of the public at large, displayed that easing the lockdown has posed a serious threat to the safety of people. All the SOPs are flying in the air as the least attention is being paid to these orders. As we generally follow the herd mentality, we least bother about the consequences of our behaviour.

Everybody is incessantly out for Eid shopping. It appears as if the sky will fall if they do not go shopping. No precautionary measures are being exercised by shopkeepers, increasing the gravity of the situation and making things worse. It appears as if another complete lockdown is in the offing as the local transmission of the pandemic is shooting sharply. Unfortunately, the government and opposition are busy exchanging barbs and point-scoring against each other. No decency has been shown by PTI, PPP & PML N. All are coins of the same value with no feelings for the poor masses of the country.

Moreover, the government employees have been forced to contribute to COVID-19 fund but no such contribution has been made by parliamentarians. It is suggested that they may also contribute their one-month salary to the fund to show solidarity with their voters and countrymen. Alternatively, their Achilles’ heel will be visible to all.