RAWALPINDI               -           Punjab Minister for Information and Colonies Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan said on Tuesday the whole nation, while acting on the slogan, “Corona say darna nahi Larna hiai” is fighting successfully against the pandemic. In a statement issued here, Fayyaz said, “We must all work together to keep the country as safe as possible from the coronavirus,” adding the Punjab government under the leadership of Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar would leave no stone unturned against the disease. He said it had also been ensured that medical centres and hospitals were equipped with appropriate tools and professional medical staff in order to deal with any uncertain situation, adding the testing facility in the province had reached 5,000 per day. Chohan said the government had established an effective mechanism for emergency rapid response in selective medical and quarantines centres across the country, adding total 17% of available ventilators were in use. “It is the responsibility of every citizen to cooperate with the government, “he stated. He also criticized the PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif, and said at a time when there was an emergency like situation in the country due to COVID-19, he was still doing politics while wearing mask in front of a laptop. Chohan challenged the PML-N leadership to tell the nation about their role against coronavirus.