ISLAMABAD-The federal capital on Tuesday observed a sharp increase in novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases where over 80 people were confirmed with the disease in a single day, while more than 170 healthcare workers of the city have been also infected with the virus so far.

As per the latest stats released by the National Command and Control Center (NCOC) on the situation of the city, the death toll of the patients due to COVID-19 in the city has become 17, while the number of infected people has surged to 1728.

The NCOC statistics also added that 152 recoveries have been made from the disease.

Officials at the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) said that the relaxation of the lockdown will add number of the cases as well because non-implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) was observed before the Eid.

“A sharp increase was noticed on May 23 when 135 cases were confirmed in a single day. Then on May 24 the number of reported cases was 35, 49 on May 25 and now again 87 cases have emerged in the city,” said the official.

Officials said that the fluctuation will continue as the COVID-19 response teams are also testing asymptomatic cases in the city. However, the number of healthcare workers being infected in the city is also a matter of concern.

District Health Officer (DHO) Islamabad Dr. Zaeem Zia said that today our surveillance teams investigated 87 cases in different parts of Islamabad. Mostly asymptomatic, some of them mildly symptomatic and a few moderate to severe.

Earlier in his social media message, DHO Islamabad had stated after few 100+/days, we drop back to 49 cases today (Monday).

Hope things will be getting better if you follow the SoPs. The entire exercise of diagnoses and surveillance is to save people, and all we need from you is to practice preventive measures.

Meanwhile, the stats released by the health ministry said that 66 more healthcare workers got infected with the COVID-19 in last 10 days taking the toll to 174.

The data released said that 174 healthcare professionals including 73 doctors of the different hospitals have been infected with COVID-19 so far.

The virus has been confirmed in 73 doctors, 46 nurses and 55 other health staff of different hospitals. It said that 157 healthcare professionals have been isolated in homes and two have been hospitalised.

The NCOC data said that three hospitalised health professionals are stable while 13 have been discharged after recovery.

One healthcare professional lost life while battling the virus.

The details said that six healthcare workers contracted the virus while performing duties in critical care and 168 got infected performing duties elsewhere.

The documents said that 347 contacts of these healthcare workers have been identified and all of them have been quarantined as well. The test details of the contacts havealso been sent to National Institute of Health (NIH) and 299 have been received.

According to the documents, 18 of them have been also found positive and result of 48 cases is still awaited.