| Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar says PIA, Civil Aviation Authority and any other stakeholder will not be included in investigation to ensure transparent results

LAHORE              -          The spokesperson of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants utmost transparency into the investigations of plane crash and will not allow any group or organization to influence the probe. 

In a statement, he said the Prime Minister also wishes to have compiled the investigation report in shortest possible time and made the findings public to fix the responsibility of loss of precious human lives.

He said the Prime Minister believes that the entire nation is in a state of shock and in such a situation, maneuvering to safeguard personal interests is tantamount to rub salt on the wounds of bereaved families. The PIA spokesperson urged the public to stay away from the evils of self-styled experts and rioters and not to believe the fake news spread on social media. An investigative 11-member team of French experts visited the crash site of PIA flight PK-8303 on Tuesday to ascertain the causes of the incident. On this occasion, officials of Aircraft Accident Investigation Board gave a detailed briefing to the team.

Meanwhile, a total of 41 bodies had been handed over to victim families so far, who lost their lives in the tragic Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airbus A-320 crash on Friday. A spokesman of PIA said on Tuesday that on the special directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the bodies were being taken to residence of victim families.  The spokesman said 32 families and 13 persons who became homeless because of the incident had been shifted to PIA airport hotel and Qasr-e-Naz. 'PIA has started to provide Rs. one million immediately in terms of funeral to each bereaved family,' he said, adding that a survey team had also started its work to find out loss of houses affected in plane crash incident.

'It is unjust to hold responsible anyone keeping in view only limited information and a few videos,' he said, adding that PIA was retreating that the causes of plane crash could only be ascertained after inquiry report.

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said PIA is fulfilling its responsibility of delivering the bodies of all deceased in plane crash to their respective homes.

In a statement, he said officers of national flag carrier are visiting the homes of deceased to pay the compensation amount of one million rupees to next of kin of the persons who lost their lives.  He said relatives of the deceased and homeless persons on ground have been transferred to PIA's airport hotel and Qasr-e-Naz. He said thirty six relatives and four families are staying in PIA hotel while seven families are residing in Qasr-e-Naz.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan said survey of the damaged property has been started and a package will be announced after its completion. He said the government has directed the investigation team to submit its report within three months. He said a team of Airbus has also been providing guidance and it is working on the site of plane crash. The Minister made it clear that PIA, Civil Aviation Authority and any other stakeholder will be not included in the investigating process for impartial and transparent results. He appealed people to avoid guessing the cause of crash and creating panic on the basis of opinion of self-acclaimed experts and limited information.