After the rise in the coronavirus cases and the general public’s wanton abuse of the standard operating procedures, the government is considering reinstating the lockdown; and this might be the only option left at this current juncture. Before it is too late and the government has no other choice but to reimpose a lockdown, the people need to sort out their own actions and behaviours, lest they regret the policies implemented by the government.

Locking down the country again when we are witnessing a rapid rise in corona cases every day makes sense. Almost all hospitals in the country are working at full capacity; with every new positive case, they are getting overwhelmed. The cases are rapidly rising, and local transmission rate is above 90 percent. This means that every case of someone not taking proper precautions is now a very serious risk to others.

Our situation remains one where are caught between a rock and a hard place. We cannot let the hospitals get overwhelmed, nor can we afford a constant and strict lockdown; juggling between the two remains the only option. As it stands, the government might have to shift between the two policies as needed.

The masses need to understand that dealing with the virus is not just the state’s duty. Everyone has to play his or her part in the fight against COVID-19. As the government has to deploy all its resources to ward off the virus, likewise, people have to follow the rules imposed without any carelessness in this regard. Without people’s cooperation, the government cannot curtail the spread of infection. Fighting the virus is a joint responsibility of both the state and the public. The ball is now in our court; do we want to minimise infections and also have a means to earn a living, or are we okay with the status quo where the government has no choice but to reimpose the lockdown? The only problem with the latter path is that at this rate, both the threat of dying from starvation or succumbing to the virus remain equal; we will be safe from neither.