DESPITE clear promises from the Water and Power Ministry some localities in Lahore have come under unscheduled load shedding. Recently, the government raised the electricity tariffs by over 70 percent and has been assuring the public that the move would be followed by regular power supply. However, as things stand it seems the country would remain mired in the energy crisis, and further raise in tariff could also be expected any time. One can understand the anger particularly of the lower middle classes, which on the one hand have to pay high bills but on the other do not get enough supply to meet their needs. The SNGPL, while announcing a seven percent increase recently, asked the country to brace for gas shortage in the winter season. Considering the damage this flawed policy could do to the government's political and financial standing, it is time it paid attention to projects like Kalabagh. It has a duty to ensure that the people are provided basic facilities of today's life.