The political observers of Pakistan are dismayed and disillusioned by the current political system. The high inflation leading to poverty, unavailability of food for the poor, high tarrifs of fuel/electricity and gas etc has put Pakistan on the edge of disaster. The most serious problem of all is that there is no money in the exchequer to save the country from default. The household economy of the whole country is stretched to the breaking point. In this humongous crisis, the saddest realization of all that has set in is that we have no leadership to get us out of this. The present system is a dismal failure, a kind of bluff made to the people of pakistan. After 60 years we don't want to be thrown to the wolves of the IMF again but it's a shame that we have to go to the international sleuths because our hands are empty. We are begging for money again. Can't we stand on our own feet and stop being blackmailed by others? Can't our leaders, if we have any, think about the country and it's people for once -SAIMA A. KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 13.