We witnessed during the Musharraf era that whenever he himself or his cabinet Ministers visited any city or locality, there used to be blockades and cordon offs. Public suffered a lot due to this. Many feared same as present cabinet ministers were about to take city roads but I along with many Johians have a sigh of relief when we saw no such arrangements on the eve of state minister Mr. Rafiqe Jamali's visit in Johi recently. Although police were present but there was no pushing and shoving by police personals. There were no road blocks. No traffic jams etc. despite the fact that a large number of public turned to greet and meet Mr. Jamali. Had rejected the offer of coveted ministry and other perks during the visit of former PM Zafrullah Jamali under Musharraf and withstood immense pressure from his caste and government at that time but remain loyal to the party. This made him hero among the party workers and people of Dadu. Thus he was elected second time on NA-123 Dadu by people and rewarded with cabinet portfolio by the party. Perhaps Mr. Jamali realized the fact that due to economic difficulties people are facing unprecedented hardships. Therefore he preferred to visit his basic constituency soon after taking oath as a state mister. He comprehends that without satisfactory performance at the federal level he may lose his future chances of cabinet position in party but by ignoring his constituency he may loose his constituency altogether. Therefore he is more conscious and should be, about the plight of his constituency and I think he is trying his best to mitigate the sufferings of the people because he is the Minster of the people.-GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, Dadu, via e-mail, November 13.