Lahore seems to be suffering from ' cat eyes virus'. Streets are infested not by 'cat, but big bull eyes to tear your car tires apart, another drain to common mans' weaning purse. For rich riders, it does not matter even if it is ' shark-sized eye', it is a fun. He can afford to change his car models as he could wish much rather car tires now costing in thousands. Besides big 'cat eyes' there are small cat eyes on every intersection, before the school, hospital etc, to damage your car -motorcycle tires. One cannot find the good purpose of these smaller or bigger cat eyes one can still understand for partitioning the roads but what purpose other mentioned serve the objectives. This could had been better served by speed breakers. However, I can find one purpose. To promote the business of tires -companies or steel mills at cost of poor middleclass. I shall now twice think before I visit Lahore or ride on such roads especially in defence-cantonment areas.-AISHA JAMALY, Jehlum, via e-mail, November 13.