ISLAMABAD- Capital Development Authority (CDA) would establish weighbridges at entry points to the Federal Capital to prevent extra-loaded vehicles from plying on the city roads. "The weigh bridges would be constructed on Islamabad Expressway, Kashmir Highway and IJ Principal Road," informed a senior official of the Authority while talking to TheNation on Wednesday. He said that weighbridge on the Expressway is under construction, which would be completed by next month. The official said that the civic agency has decided to ban vehicles loaded beyond a specific weight on the three corridors to prevent them from damage. "Capital, so far, had no system for weighing vehicles, which resulted in early damage of roads built with million of rupees," he added. The official assured that the ban would not be imposed at once but drivers and owners of heavy transport would be properly educated on the matter. "Drivers would be informed on the load limit for each specific road through leaflets, TV programmes and advertisements in newspapers over a period of 5-6 months," he added. "During the education-awareness period, heavy vehicles' drivers would be warned only," the official said. After completion of the period, no vehicle loaded beyond the specific load would be allowed to ply on city's roads, rather the same would be stopped at entry points to the Capital. He said that owners of heavy vehicles violating the load limit would not be fined, but the vehicles would not be let ply on roads. Fine in hundreds or thousands of rupees cannot compensate the Authority for billions of rupees it has spent on construction of roads. The official said that soft carriageways of existing roads of the city could carry a maximum of 10 tons axel load. It is why rigid lanes are being added to both sides of the roads where required. Responding to a query, the official admitted that Islamabad Expressway had become very dangerous for pedestrians after its expansion and removal of existing pedestrian bridges. However, he assured the facility would be provided very soon. The official further informed that all crossings on the IJ Principal Road are being widened and designated 'Bus Bays' are being constructed for public transport to ensure flow of traffic near the crossings.